The business

Le centre de distribution de produits maraîchers de G.S.P.M. à Napierville ; pomme de laitue romaine
A family business

The history of the G.S.P.M. adventure

1980 – 1990 : Solange and Sylvain own a tomato and cucumber greenhouse in Sherrington, Quebec.

2001 : After many years of loyal service in various food distribution companies as a logistics and marketing manager for vegetables from here and elsewhere, Mr. Sylvain Coallier and Mrs. Solange Duteau seized the opportunity to start their own distribution company in 2001. G.S.P.M. Distribution inc., whose mission is to market Quebec root vegetables. G.S.P.M. Distribution inc. whose mission is to market Quebec root vegetables.

2021 : Sylvain and Solange’s project, with the participation of their four children, aims to set up a vertical hydroponic farm that will produce for 12 months a year.

The name G.S.P.M. comes from the first names of the 4 children:


Our team

Sylvain Coallier

He is President and CEO, responsible for business development, customer relations and supervision of the entire team.

Solange Duteau

She has been an administrative assistant since 2001.

Guillaume Coallier

He joined the family business in 2007. He is responsible for purchasing products from producers, preparing orders, monitoring inventories and invoicing. He is also a forklift operator.

Sébastien Coallier

He joined the company in 2007. His job is to prepare orders and deliveries in the United States.

Patrick Coallier

Since joining the family business in 2011, he has been responsible for maintaining food safety (Canada GAP, SAC). He is also involved in the preparation of orders and the unloading of products for distribution.

Mélissa Coallier

The latest to join the family business in 2013, she primarily handles accounting and is also a warehouse clerk.

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