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Grande variété de laitues cultivées à l'année
Quality & environmental impact

To offer future generations a healthy environment.

The certainty of finding fresh, local, stable cost and high quality products, and that, 12 months a year, is what our farm offers its customers.

In addition to providing the community with fresh and healthy produce, G.S.P.M. contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the municipality, notably through its water and waste management, the elimination of the use of pesticides, its minimal carbon footprint and its zero night-time lighting pollution.

Discover all our eco-friendly decisions.

Eco-friendly gestures

What we have put in place


Water management

The recovery and use of rainwater reduces the environmental impact of water consumption.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

By opting for a local crop, the carbon footprint is considerably reduced, as the delivery trucks no longer come from California. That’s almost 5000 km less per delivery!



Eliminating the use of pesticides and herbicides prevents the formation of blue-green algae in the rivers. In addition, we avoid any discharge into the environment.

Quality control

The hydrological farm guarantees a constant quality production while reducing the environmental consequences. The control process in place ensures pathogen management and a reduced risk of cross-contamination.


Management of residual materials

Thanks to the control on the growth rate, the productions have a high rate of conformity and quality, thus reducing food waste. All residual materials produced are recycled or composted to ensure a minimal ecological footprint.


Awareness and innovation

We regularly re-evaluate the relevance of our procedures to ensure optimal and ecological production. The automation of production has allowed us to lighten the tasks of our team so that they can concentrate their efforts on the quality of the vegetables and herbs.

Our values

Developing a safe crop for consumers.

Our social and environmental conscience for our community and future generations guides every decision we make. We believe it is our duty as entrepreneurs and consumers to make environmentally responsible choices.

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